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Whytec Broadband Services

Our existing customers will be aware that Whytec offers a fast high quality ADSL broadband service. We deliver this connectivity as part of our IT support service to customers.

All broadband customers receive firstline support from Whytec Limited. We’ll take the hassle out of initial connection, migration and/or inevitable BT administration issues that sometimes cause significant distress. Once again Whytec lets you get on with your business and takes the hassle away.

Customers who have converted from some of the other (often cheaper) providers have commented on the faster and more reliable connectivity and support that we provide. We are not the cheapest broadband supplier but you’ll go a long way to beat our level of service and support.

Our new services offer effectively unlimited uploads and downloads (25Gb/month but only monitored between 1800 to 2300) There are 4 packages to choose from so do get in contact for more information. Remember that connection speeds are determined by the quality and length of the cable to your local exchange. At present, connections speeds up to 24Mb/sec can be supplied over copper or aluminium wired circuits although these are rarely achieved. Fibre is being rolled out over Milton Keynes so watch this space for imminent news regarding new connectivity products from Whytec.

To keep administration costs down we ask for a years subscription in advance but this does not tie you down to anything more than a 30 day contract. There is a £50 + VAT activation fee unless you are transfering from an existing ISP.

Contact us for more details and/or arrange a free 1 hour consultation concerning your IT support requirements.