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Do you run a small business with an email address similar to,, If you want to improve your impact in difficult times don’t go to press or commit the side of your van to or, etc. The alternative is very cost effective.
You probably spent some time researching the name of your company and want to include it within every facet of your communications. So why promote someone else’s business in your email address? Oh and another thing, if your current broadband provider is BT, AOL, etc and you use or, when you change broadband provider there’s a likelihood you’ll loose your email address at some point. That’s not good for business continuity.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You just need to register a domain name and attach it to an email account. Don’t know how? just call us. Its very cheap and you won’t have the inherent security problems associated with mass email providers and you’ll be free to change broadband provider as many times as you want. Having your own domain name also gives you a good start to setting up your own web presence. So it just makes sense to get it right at the start. It doesn’t matter if your a one or many man band, sole or limited company, anyone can register a domain name.

Contact us at Whytec Limited and we’ll register a suitably researched domain name for you and host an mail account that you can use with Outlook or our Webmail sevice. Domain name registration fees vary according to type (  .com, .org, etc) We can advise which domain(s) types to register according to your business needs.