Design and Development

Historically, the design and development of tailored software solutions have not been something easily considered by the smaller business.

Costs and expertise, together with a lack of software development experience are usually the limiting factors.

Much of the time requirements are met by proprietary applications supplied, installed and configured with little fuss and bother. Occasionally specific requirements dictate that bespoke software must be written to provide the best solution. When this need arises Whytec can deliver considered solutions to match your specific needs at a fraction of the cost normally associated with software development.

Bespoke solutions can range from adding value to existing proprietary applications, to identifying, designing, implementing, testing and commissioning of complete application suites.

When embarking on development projects we always ensure that we understand your business need and strive to work with you in the most appropriate way. From experience we have found that all partnerships are different and will not presume our personal preferences are your own.