Visual Identity Limited


“VI has been associated with Whytec IT for over 12 months now. This collaboration has been an unreserved success. We have found Whytec IT (Trevor) to be a source of great ideas and knowledge, a reliable associate with a ‘no nonsense approach’ to his work. We would have no hesitation in recommending him for all your IT projects. We would go as far to say that you can’t operate your business IT successfully without him.” – Jacqui Wilkins



Vi is the source for strong business ethics and eclectic design. Our creatives work to deliver the unconventional, the compelling, the well-thought out and the aesthetic. Believing that shared ideas are more effective, preferring less to more and our ability to question makes us partners rather than suppliers

Services provided

Whytec has provided VI with IT consultancy over the past year for their own in house infrastructure but also on referral to some of their clients.