… a proactive IT support service targeted at reducing the need to fix computer problems.

IT support is often considered the domain of the ‘Mr Fixer’ type individual. At Whytec we like to take a different approach and provide a proactive service targeted at reducing the need to fix problems.

We also recognise that this isn’t an ideal world and support is a fundamental service expected from any IT services company. In this respect we offer both telephone and remote access support together with regular onsite maintenance. Our server based systems feature alerts to notify us of underlying events that may lead to problems.

So if your mail boxes or hard disk is filling up or your backup fails we’ll know about it way before it gets to being a problem. We’ll also know if key processes in your system have problems and can rectify by remote access or a visit to your office. If you elect to take up our Security solution then security events are also reported and can be dealt with immediately.

Our proactive service also means that you will see us each month whether you have problems or not. This way we get to meet your users and keep in touch with your business.